Game Console Repair

Has your gaming life come to a halt because of faulty equipment? Let us help you with a video game console repair. Our technicians can pinpoint the problem with your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo and get it ready for your next gaming adventure. You can trust us to handle your console with great care. Let us take care of your repair needs so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite games. Just bring your console to one of our local stores, or follow our mail-in repair instructions.

Our technicians can fix your special device and have you conquering the next level of play with ease.

Playstation Console

Whether you enjoy the classic experience of a Playstation 2 or you love the latest features of the Playstation 4, we can handle the repairs. We can also fix your mobile Playstation Vita.

Xbox Console

If your preferred game console is an Xbox, we have the experience to diagnose the problem quickly. Our technicians are experts in the common problems and error codes unique to Xbox devices. We can repair your original Xbox or your Xbox 360.

Nintendo Console

We can fix any of the various Nintendo game devices that you may have. If you have problems with your Nintendo 2ds or 3ds, we can help. If you prefer the active features of the Nintendo Wii or portable Nintendo Switch, we fix that, too.

Whether your video game console won’t turn on or it is not acting normal when it is on, you can count on our video game console repair services to help you out. Our technicians are experienced in all types of gaming consoles, including any and all generations of the Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii. We can even work on the new NES Classic Edition to help you fix it. Our game systems repair shops can help you with:

  • Gaming Console Repair – If the console won’t turn on or something fell on it or it is simply old, bring it to us and see if our technicians can revive it.
  • Video Game Controller Repair – When your controller isn’t working it is next to impossible to play your favorite games. If your controller is acting up and you know it isn’t user error, then you can count on us to fix it for you.
  • Disk Retrieval – If you have a game that you can’t get out of your gaming system, have no fear, we are here to save the day.

We are gamers too, so we understand how important your gaming system is to you. Our gaming console experts promise to treat your gaming console with the utmost care as we inspect it inside and out to get it working like new for you.

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